Our Vision

After the Government's success to make Malta The Blockchain Island,

we are now in a position to explore Artificial Intelligence as a new economic niche. Our vision is to replicate what we have done in the Blockchain sector and transform the potential of Artificial Intelligence into a new contributor to Malta’s economic growth in digital innovation.

The Government’s aim is to develop a National AI Strategy and put Malta amongst the top 10 nations with a national strategy for Artificial Intelligence.  Our objectives include having discussions on this subject with stakeholders to build awareness of the key topics and issues that will form a national AI Framework. We want to consult on a policy that considers for ethically aligned, transparent and socially responsible AIidentify policy, regulatory and fiscal measures to strengthen Malta’s appeal as a hub for foreign investment in this sector, while identifying the underlying skill base and infrastructure needed to support AI.   

The strategy will eventually develop cutting edge use-cases of

how AI could be deployed in Malta as a central part of this policy and understand how AI can be applied by Government to further improve the services given to citizens.

For this purpose, we have established a task force on AI made up of entrepreneurs, academics and experts in the field.  The taskforce shall devise a holistic approach on the sector, involving accademia, start-ups and companies, to find ways how to create a sustainable local engine for growth, look into the unknown risks of AI without hindering innovation and economic development, and create a new sector for investment on our shores.

I look forward to start another exciting chapter in Malta’s digital innovation economy, working hand in hand with International partners, European institutions and other stakeholders who wish to develop and harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence.